the examples that person uses for their argument i’m just so????????? i get why tssf was on there Daughters is basically a very misogynistic song but 5sos?? that song is not even?????????/ the fact that they used that article with tay????? i mean tay is not very educated when it comes to feminism but after the interview was released she tweeted all the faults that were in the interview and even said she wasn’t very educated on it??????? that is is not misogyny????? and all time low??????/ the bra thing?????????/ they never asked for girls to throw bras on stage??? actually idk how to explain the bra thing it is strange that they keep the bras but they dont ask girls to throw bras at them in the first place it just happened like people throw bras on stage all the time i just don’t……….

i mean the only genre i really listen to is pop punk so i am very biased to statements like that but some of those “examples” shouldn’t even be reasons for that statement and it makes me upset

i really didnt look at the other links but from what i’ve seen i dont agree with anything she said except the tssf one and i love tssf so 


the ‘pop punk” culture is so gross and misogynistic even though the fan bases of these bands are mostly made up of mostly women, you always hear about the misogyny in rap music but the misogyny in alternative music never gets brought up… i wonder why.. oh wait no .. i know why 


Tay Jardine at Bazooka Rocks by Sammy Roenfeldt
  • gay guy: *murders 30 people*
  • white girl: omg you're SO sassy I love it!!

July 2, 2014