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bloomgraham keeps tagging me in things so i’m going to finally do them ok I’m not tagging anyone bc I don’t know anyone on this website and I don’t think anyone reads my shit but that’s ok

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just got back from the vet. you guys know what my dumb dog did?

he sprained his tail. from wagging it too hard. this is the stupidest thing.


Thunder Girl and Melt Man


Absolutely cheesing from today. That M&G was one to remember. I hardly had time to take it all in. How is it possible we can create such an incredible experience together?

I feel a little silly posting things like this as if it’s not aloud or something like it’s not sincere enough. But we’re not used to this type of reaction. We aren’t used to this feeling of confidence, believe it or not. But then we are reminded how important it is to be doing this and working hard to grow. I’m saying— I could absolutely get used to it. WATIC fans(friends?) make me who I am today. You show me what it all means. And you confirm that I’ve chosen the right path. Sounds like a load of shit right? “Omg we love our fanzzzz” but it’s so so so true. Who the hell am I without you? Honestly.

I grew up thinking(feeling pressured) to be the girl with straight A’s and be a starter on all the sports teams. This world is full of those expectations and they come from all different directions but the most important part in that role is yourself. And once I realized that, I sacrificed almost everything to overcome the obstacles to doing what I do now. Not to say that school or extra cuticular activities aren’t important. I
LOVED them and still miss them. They are what I had to give up. But if you really feel something…feel something for yourself and your your future. Don’t you dare for one second let anyone or anything stop you. Take control. It’s okay to trial and error until you can wake up every day saying “well, shit…I get to do this today and the next day after that?!” You’ll see later how much it pays off. And trust me I’m still figuring it all out! But I try to stay feeling limitless.

Supporting your favorite bands is the only way to keep this all alive and I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you and it’s this journey we get to spend growing together that makes me fall of my seat with amazement. I fall in love more with everything WATIC. So [awkwardly] the only way I can prove to you I mean this is by writing sappy things like in +140 characters - selfie. I’m just continuing to do what I love in hopes you come along for the ride. And fuck, I don’t doubt any of us.

Sometimes shit hits you like today hit me. Where I can look back and say things like “Every Walmart parking lot I ever lived in with a van full of a bunch of other smelly humans 5 years ago was 110% worth losing that Rock Paper Scissors sleep spot for the back bench of van because I’ve got you guys now.”


xo Tay

Now I wanna watch KABLAM…..